University of Science and Technology (Headquarters Aden) - the first university and the first choice in providing e-learning programs (

In the midst of modern technical development, the importance of openness to modern education patterns, on top of which is the distance education pattern, which has increased steadily over the past few years because of its positive features for the student, and here the student comes to mind about the higher education institution, which represents a more appropriate option. To meet the student's desires for distance education and from anywhere.

 Starting from the quest to provide education and make it available to all, the University of Science and Technology - Yemen has succeeded, more than a quarter of a century ago, in building the distance education system, and based on an integrated digital electronic portal, which is headed today by the University of Science and Technology as one of the first universities to introduce the modern e-learning style.

The advantages of e-learning in the Deanship of Distance Education - Yemen

Taking into account the factors of cost and investment of time

     One of the most prominent features of e-learning at the University of Science and Technology is that it takes into account the conditions of the student in two pivotal aspects: time and money, with the aim of making education available to the student wherever he is, and shortening what it requires from the actual presence in university classrooms; Now, by entering his own electronic portal at, the student can access educational materials, register for virtual classes and private lectures remotely and from anywhere in the world, which makes the distance education method the least expensive with its commitment to the quality factor and academic accreditation standards .

Commitment to educational standards in the quality of scientific material presentation

The e-learning methods and approach adopted by the University of the Deanship of E-Learning are characterized by their commitment to educational quality standards, which allow the student to review the scientific material at any time and from anywhere through an integrated digital electronic portal with distinguished scientific content and a smooth schedule.

Taking into account individual capabilities and capabilities

The distance education pattern followed by the university is characterized by its consideration of different individual capabilities. It also allows the student to choose the subjects he wishes to register for each semester, while adhering to the minimum requirements and the maximum credit hours, which enhances the student's chances of obtaining a distinct quality education. Representing thousands of graduates from all over the world, the University of Science and Technology - Yemen stands today as one of the most important universities in providing distance education programs in the Arab world. The portal is The educational platform for the student, which begins with the application for admission, through registration, follow-up of scientific lectures and ending with graduation, in addition to a number of other electronic services and functions designed to serve the student and obtain a distinguished education style.

Taking into account the circumstances of the student

In its quest to make education available to all and to provide educational opportunities for those who did not have the opportunity to complete their university education, the University of Science and Technology was able to develop an ideal education pattern that suits all its students, through the credit hours system, which allows the student to choose the subjects and the number of hours he wishes to register in each semester.

In its journey that lasted for more than a quarter of a century in providing distance education programs, the University of Science and Technology - Yemen was able to provide competitive scientific outputs to its students in all parts of the country. The university continues the approach of progress and innovation in providing the best educational services to its students, thus achieving its vision of regional leadership and international excellence.

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