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Dear visitor,

Welcome to the University of Science and Technology

The University of Science and Technology - its main campus in Aden, raises once again with a strategic mission, that aligns with the new approach adapted by the university during this highly changing time period; a rapidly regenerating and challenging phase promising greater attainment.
In pursuit of that cause, the university takes advantage of every opportunity that would contribute to the manifestation of its noble mission set forth by the perfect example, which is in and in itself a diligent approach, a challenging requirement, and an inevitable choice.


Representing the optimal choice for those aiming for a better future; a prospect the university has long chosen, carefully planned for, and continuously sought towards, in the face of all possible deterrents.

With its endeavor to provide outstanding educational, research and advisory services at the local, regional and international levels, providing qualified staff, advanced curricula, and a stimulating educational environment, together with effective partnerships, committed to community services on one hand, and to quality and accreditation standards on the other. Throughout its journey of a quarter century, the university has built upon many stories of success and achievement, and will continue to pursue its vision of achieving outstanding regional leadership and international status.

We hope that You and every visitor of this site embarks upon a pleasant journey, that makes the best use of the time, efforts and essential resources, in pursuit of a career of your choice. We are also appreciative of your visit to the site, that in itself represents the university’s overall mission, hoping that it gains your satisfaction, in creating a substantial value to the university’s mainstream students and which extends to their acquaintances and all visitors of this site.

University President

Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghani Hamid Ahmed

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