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Best University Faculty For Medicine & Health Sciences in Yemen

The Top Private University in Yemen

The University of Science and Technology seeks to provide outstanding educational, research and consultancy services at the local, regional and international levels with a commitment to social responsibility through qualified staff, advanced curricula, and an equipped environment that stimulates creativity, and effective partnerships, all of which contributes to the production of efficient outputs that meet the needs of the labor market and other developmental requirements, in accordance with academic quality and accreditation standards.

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A wide range of programmes & specialties in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

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Research & Publication by UST Yemen

The scientific journals issued by the University of Science and Technology have obtained advanced ranks in the classification of the impact factor of the refereed Arab scientific journals 2020, issued by the annual report of the Association of Arab Universities on the refereed scientific journals.

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 A participatory and transparent management understanding, the effective and efficient use of resources, performance-based assessment and budgeting as well as the rapid developments experienced in technology and communication methods have enabled The University of Science and Technology to act on its strategic plans that have led to fundamental transformations in the last few years.

Within its framework of embracing an ambitious and long-term strategic plan, the University of Science and Technology, USTY applied the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) approach. Beginning with identifying the strategic goals as per the four dimensions of the BSC, many sub-goals have been branched off from the four strategic goals. Each sub-goal is achieved through the implementation of projects to achieve the goal directly. Indicators were developed to measure the achievement of the sub-goals. The follow-up and assessment mechanism is regularly and continuously implemented according to the BSC instruments prepared previously for this purpose. Through a system of monthly and quarterly reporting from all departments and branches of the University in Yemen, we developed criteria for measuring the implementation and success of the projects on time. Any shortfalls are rectified through corrective action plans.

In order to establish its mission of becoming a leading institute both locally and internationally, USTY has set strategic goals and measurable targets, measuring its performance in line with predetermined indicators and monitor and evaluating the implementation within the framework of development plans, programs.

The University of Science and Technology is now the leading institute in Yemen, offering a total of 45 undergraduate, postgraduate and distance learning programmes in all fields. Equipped with advanced learning facilities, USTY has also been able to run 7 developmental and consultation centres to serve students with aligning interests. The university’s research publication work is also well-established, with 5 journals in the fields of medicine, quality assurance, science and technology, talent development and other fields.

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