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About the Center

Our goals

  1. Providing the labor market with qualified and highly qualified outputs in the field of English language.
  2. Qualifying the student to compete in the labor market.
  3. Contribute to meeting the needs of society and the local and regional labor market of qualified cadres.
  4. Expand partnership with similar educational institutions locally and regionally.
  5. Expand partnership with other educational institutions locally and globally.

Our message

Providing English language training courses using advanced global curricula taught by highly experienced and qualified teachers who use modern teaching methodologies and are in line with international quality standards.

our vision

Excellence in teaching English locally and regionally.

Center programs and services

TOEFL Qualifying General English Program

This program consists of more than 16 courses of 50 hours each (two hours per day). The program aims to provide the student with the basic skills in the English language for communication purposes (reading, writing, speaking and listening) correctly and properly and qualifying the student to obtain international certificates such as TOEFL and other certificates.

TOEFL preparatory program

The program consists of two sessions, each of 50 hours, aimed at providing the student with the basic skills required for the TOEFL test and qualifying him to pass the test and obtain the highest grades..

Specialized courses

These programs consist of 50-hour courses (2 hours per day) and consist primarily of courses to enhance language skills such as reading, writing, listening, grammar and speaking.

Children's summer program

It is a summer program specially designed for school students and young students that aims to provide students with some basic skills in the English language in a way that suits the age group, as it combines fun and interest and instills a love for learning the language among students.

Professional Teacher Program

The program aims to provide trainees with professional skills in methods of teaching English as a foreign language, and this program targets students of the faculties of arts, languages, and education and people who are highly proficient in the use of the English language. The program consists of two parts, theoretical and practical.

Diploma in professional translation

This program is designed for the purpose of providing the student with the basic skills necessary for translating English language texts at all levels.

Diploma in English for Specific Purposes

This program consists of a number of courses as follows:

Business English Diploma

This program aims to provide students, businessmen, graduates of business administration and others with market-appropriate language skills that help them perform their tasks efficiently and help them search for a good job opportunity.

  English for medical fields

This program is aimed at medical and public health students to help them acquire general and specific English language skills for medical journals in order to support their competencies when applying for a job in any organization.

  English for tourism purposes

The program includes a number of training courses that specifically target those who work in tourism-related fields such as work in tourism agencies, tour guides, restaurant or hotel workers and other fields that require high skill in using English to communicate with others.

  English required for business majors:

The center offers intensive English language courses aimed at students of economics, commerce and related disciplines. These training courses are specifically designed to respond to the ever-changing market demands in the field of economics and general business requirements


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