faculty of Pharmacy

التقويم الجامعي للعام 2023 - 2024م

  • All recorded appointments include the annual and semester system and the hours system, including postgraduate studies, except for what is referred to as the hours system, which is related to the hours system only.
  • The dates mentioned in the above calendar are not final and the university has the right to advance or delay the dates whenever the need arises.
  • Flexibility is given to apply and delay no more than two weeks for the Bachelor of General Medicine and Surgery program, and this is taken into account in the system.
  •   In the event of a difference in the Hijri date (due to the sighting of the crescent), the Gregorian date shall be adopted.
  • Leaves and official holidays as announced by the Ministry of Civil Service and Insurance.
  • The leave is arranged for academic staff according to the faculty members' system.

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