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welcome cover letter

I am pleased to welcome all visitors to the libraries of the University of Science and Technology and those who browse its website, the most beautiful welcome. The university’s libraries include more than 90,000 sources of information in various fields of science and knowledge, these sources vary between books, periodicals and CDs. The libraries also have a computerized program that serves all artistic works from entering book data, research and lending We are currently seeking in the Department of Libraries to establish an electronic library that contains many global databases. Hence, I invite all faculty members to visit the library constantly and urge students to benefit from its holdings and see what is new to develop their scientific and cultural knowledge> We hope that you will find everything you are looking for Rest assured that all your comments and inquiries are welcomed and given attention.

University Libraries

Library management services

. Providing information sources in its various forms and types such as books, periodicals, references, dictionaries, atlases and theses. 

. Providing various electronic information sources from databases, periodicals, books and scientific theses.

. Organizing information sources in university libraries and arranging them according to standards approved by higher education, in order to ensure easy access to them.

. Providing loan and return services according to a modern automated system that facilitates procedures and preserves information sources.

. Providing advisory and research services to university affiliates and researchers from outside the university.

. Ongoing briefing on the newly arrived books, references and periodicals for libraries.

. Providing a digital library service (electronic) to university affiliates and researchers from outside the university.



  • Students of all academic levels and scientific specializations.
  • Full-time faculty members at the university.
  • University staff.
  • Part-time faculty members.
  • University graduates.
  • Researchers in various fields and topics.
  • members of the local community.

automated library system

Libraries depend in their various operations on an automated system designed by the Information Technology Department at the university.

Through this system, the following operations are carried out:

  1. Enter all the book data in it with indexing and classification.
  2. Borrowing and Return.
  3. Issuing various reports related to libraries, whether late reports, financial reports and others.
  4. Identify the contents of libraries of books.
  5. Recognize the daily movement of libraries.

Library management tasks

  1. Providing information sources in their various forms and types in accordance with approved standards and specifications for this purpose and to meet the needs of university libraries.
  2. Providing comprehensive collections of electronic information sources that are related to academic programs and scientific research.
  3. Exchanging and gifting publications with universities and educational institutions inside and outside the country.
  4. Cooperation and coordination with libraries and information center inside and outside Yemen to achieve mutual benefits.
  5. Organizing book fairs and organizing seminars and cultural activities related to libraries.
  6. Issuing bulletins, indexes, guides and other publications that serve libraries and users alike.
  7. Providing technical advice in the field of libraries for those who need it from the authorities and individuals. 

electronic library unit

We offer you the electronic library of all study materials for the specialty of pharmacy, according to its study plan

Library interests

Medicine and health sciences, engineering and management and humanities.

    It is the unit responsible for the operations related to information systems and programming in libraries, which contains: an electronic library, an electronic student portal, an automated library system.

  • This unit manages the e-library and its contents of databases, periodicals, and e-books.
  • Educate the beneficiaries on how to use the electronic library and access its information sources.
  • Updating the electronic library by adding new resources to it by subscribing to new databases and periodicals.
  •   Managing the students’ electronic portal and making them aware of how to use it and access the library’s automated catalogs.
  • Managing the library's electronic page on the university's website.
  • Automated system management for libraries.

Terms of use

There are general controls that must be observed when using Henry's database in order to ensure the continuity of the service, which are:

1. The use of any external access or download software to download or print books and periodicals is not permitted at the base.
2. It is not permitted to download the full versions of magazines or books as it is allowed 15% of these contents.
3. The full printing of books and periodicals is not allowed, and the permitted is 15 % only.

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