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an introduction

Over the years, the University of Science and Technology graduated a large number of male and female students who contributed to the development and development of the public and private work sectors in Yemen and around the world, by assuming management positions in many diverse professions. The University of Science and Technology aspires to continuously create job opportunities for new graduates by creating a permanent network of communication between graduates and the university, and providing them with relevant information.

Alumni club

The Alumni Club seeks to connect the alumni with the university, implement activities and publish the alumni news on the club's page. Maintaining the relationship and communication between graduates and the university, developing the technical and cognitive skills necessary for active participation in the labor market and linking the individual with job opportunities (including skills such as communication, management, problem solving, teamwork, CV writing and interview preparation.


Check the university alumni via the link: here

community services

Since its inception, the University of Science and Technology has paid great attention to providing service to the community in the field of public services and medical services related to various colleges and centers. Its participation in raising the well-being of society, eradicating poverty, providing maternity care, and establishing scholarships for deserving students are among the few examples of its active participation in the affairs of society.

Student Achievements

  • Students of the College of Engineering at the University of Science and Technology participated in the competition organized by Global Health Engineering, and won the sixth place by designing a low-cost current leakage test device.
  • The management of the branch of the University of Science and Technology in Taiz, in coordination with the Student Affairs Department, honored the top academic levels from various departments and scientific disciplines in the branch for the academic year 2019-2020.

future vision

In response to the lofty directives of the need to find a means of communication between students and civil society institutions, and to bridge the gap between university education and the labor market, the University of Science and Technology always looks forward to achieving professional guidance for students with the aim of developing individual and collective skills for university students and providing them with skills related to professional aspects through holding courses and workshops that help them develop their own skills. In addition to developing communication between students and the labor market, training them professionally and preparing them to launch into it by training them on how to prepare a CV and conduct job interviews.

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