faculty of Pharmacy

Student accommodation

University housing equipped with the latest equipment and amenities while offering a variety of recreational activities for students, making their days unforgettable memories.

Long and short trips and excursions

Leagues for individual and team games

Cultural weeks, public meetings, and sessions

Reception and farewell parties for students

Student housing services

Internet service.

Cleanliness of all housing facilities except for the student's room, and what hygiene needs of sanitary ware and others.

Continuous maintenance of housing facilities (carpentry - plumbing - electricity).

There is a gym in each residence with table tennis, billiards, cuirass and some athletics.

Communication service with parents of students.

Female student housing

In the interest of the University of Science and Technology to provide a safe environment and a calm psychological atmosphere for female students, the university has paid special attention to the female students’ dormitories, in terms of the location of the dormitories near the female branch, and the qualified and specialized female staff supervising the female students’ housing.

 Given the importance of activities in recreating students and providing a family atmosphere, many programs and events are held, including the following:

Short trips and night outings + long trips to nearby governorates.

Organizing celebrations: entertainment, farewell, etc.).

Visit various exhibitions.

Cultural and scientific competitions.

A visit to various charities.


Farewell ceremonies for graduates and honoring.

Flyers and wall magazines

Student guidance for female students

Student housing services

Service facilities: prayer hall - activities hall - gymnasiums - grocery - visiting hall.

Rooms equipped with the latest equipment and amenities. Three types of rooms are available (single - double - triple),

Transportation to and from the university and transportation of female students

Internet service

24/7 security guard

Procedures for booking a room in the male or female student housing

  1. The new student of housing fills out and signs the housing contract.
  2. Pay the full year fees or less, up to six months fees.
  3. Bring 4*6 personal photo.
  4. A copy of the identity card (ID), if he is Yemeni.
  5. A copy of the passport if it is not Yemeni.
  6. The old student in the residence, if he wishes to renew the reservation for the new year, fills out the housing reservation form.
  7. Upon his return from travel, he shall pay the fees.
  8. Fees are paid through college accountants.


other information

For male and female students
  1. If the student wants to withdraw from housing, he will provide an alternative provided that he meets the housing conditions.
  2. In the event that the substitute student is unable to pay, he is obliged to pay the room rent until the end of the year.
  3. - The student shall recover the remaining accommodation fees if he brings the alternative.
  4. Reservations in student dormitories begin at the end of the academic year for old students, and upon opening admission and registration at the university for new students.
  5. The housing contract starts on 1/9 and ends on 8/31 (that is, for a full year).
  6. The student is allowed to bring a computer or laptop into his room and is not allowed to enter the TV.
  7. Visitors are allowed until 10 pm and non-residents are prohibited from sleeping in the residence without permission.
  8. The residence gate closes at 11 pm, except for those who have an emergency situation, and permission is required from the housing supervisor.
  9. – The current housing in the apartment system The apartment contains three to four rooms, two to three bathrooms and a shared kitchen for the apartment.
  10. Seats available in the residences (single rooms - twin rooms - triple rooms).
  11. The fees include (rent, electricity and water, maintenance, internet, and a security deposit of 5,000 Yemeni riyals, which is returned to the student at the end of the year if the furniture delivered to him is in good condition).

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