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About the Center

Objectives of the center

  • Production of books and educational CDs.
  • Printing books and educational CDs.
  • Marketing books and educational CDs.
  • Supporting the University of Science and Technology and other universities in providing books and accompanying educational media in the appropriate place and time according to the requirements of higher education in the main center of Aden and branches inside and outside Yemen.

Sub-goals :

  • Improving the university's service for students by providing all learning resources in one location close to the university campus.
  • Facilitating the mission of the university's branches at home and its external offices to obtain sources of knowledge 
  • Activating the marketing of university products from sources of knowledge to affiliates of other universities, both internally and externally.
  • Increasing university revenues, excluding student fees.

our vision

To make the University of Science and Technology University Book Center one of the most important sources of knowledge locally and regionally.

Our Values

1- Credibility and commitment.

2. Highly professional.

3- Continuous development.


Our message

The University Book Center seeks to provide textbooks and auxiliary media to local and regional universities and researchers to meet the needs of the effective educational process in education by providing sources of knowledge in accordance with international academic and technical standards and foundations and achieving total quality, with an efficient and developed administrative cadre.

Center Services


  •  Follow-up academics in writing books and university courses.
  • Printing university books and courses after being approved by the relevant scientific departments at the university.
  • Distribute books to the university branches and the other university you want.
  • Follow up on updating and developing university books and courses in cooperation with academics working at the university.


  • Scientific departments at the University of Science and Technology and its branches 
  • Other Yemeni universities that have twinning agreements with the university
  • Students of the University of Science and Technology in the main center - Aden - and its branches inside and outside Yemen.
  •  Researchers and academics in general


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Enmaa, Alshaab Street, Aden

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