faculty of Pharmacy

About the Center

Our goals

  • Providing medical education programs and continuing medical education for medical staff at all levels.
  • Strengthening mutual relations with organizations and institutions working in the field of medical education locally and internationally.
  • Strengthen partnership with government agencies and organizations to provide solutions to community health problems.
  • Promote a healthy culture of the community.

Our message

The Medical Education Center at the University of Science and Technology seeks to raise the level of medical education in Yemen in line with international standards, by providing a suitable environment for training, and providing specialized qualitative education and training for medical personnel that combines scientific competence and applied skill, and training and qualifying medical college students At the University of Science and Technology in particular, and in Yemen and the region in general, the center also seeks to contribute to improving health services to ensure patient safety.

our vision

Leadership regionally and global excellence in providing medical education and training

Center Services

The center offers: 

  • Specialized training courses in the field of health 
  • Training courses in leadership and health management 
  • Community Awareness Campaigns 
  • Specialized conferences in the field of health
  • Qualitative training in the health field according to the needs of the authorities 


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Enmaa, Alshaab Street, Aden

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