Oral and dental medicine program development workshop

Oral and dental medicine program development workshop

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research, Technical Education and Vocational Training, on Monday morning, 27.06.2022, at the University of Science and Technology - the main center, Aden, a workshop for the development of the oral and dental medicine and surgery program was held, which was set up by the Quality Assurance and Development Department, and the Dental Department, as part of the university’s endeavor To develop and update its programs, and work to keep pace with new developments in the scientific and practical fields.

In the ministry's speech, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, a. Dr.. Khaled Omar Ba Selim for this step, noting that such achievements are what makes the University of Science and Technology in the lead. For his part, he thanked the president of the university, Prof. Dr.. Abdul Ghani Hamid Ahmed in his speech to the audience, guests, participants, arbitrators, graduates, and experts, stressing that the development of this program comes within the program development plan that includes many of the university’s programs, noting that permanent development is one of the pillars on which the university’s excellence and leadership are based. Director of Quality Assurance and Development Department Dr. Muhammad Al-Shamiri focused in his speech that the program development plan includes a set of university programs that need to be developed based on the quality policies followed, and he focused on the fact that development is carried out in accordance with local and international references. Dean of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dr. Fayez Al-Tamimi welcomed, in his speech, all efforts aimed at development at various levels, as the bet is always on those who respond to the requirements of reality and plan for the future with a shrewd and expert foresight. Samah Al-Amri, Head of the Dental Department, welcomed the guests in her speech, praising the work team, whose work came as a result of his diligent work. She concluded her speech by introducing Dr. Muhammad Al-Wasabi to present what was done in the development process of the program. The presentation included a quick summary of the justifications for development and references. The study plan also included a focus on what was added, modified or deleted.

In four discussion sessions, the workshop continued, during which participants from experts, students and participants from outside Yemen enriched the discussion about what was developed in the program, and followed all the modifications that were made to it in the light of the references, expressing their justified opinions about each change. In general, the recommendations focused on redistributing some courses over academic years, adjusting the number of hours of some courses, and merging some of them. The participating experts expressed their admiration for what has been done, and for the achievements made by the university in the field of program development, as the cornerstone of academic development as a whole.

The opening session was attended by the Assistant President of the University for Academic Affairs, Dr. Muammar Al-Qutaibi, and the Assistant President of the University for Student Affairs, Dr. Munir Al-Abadi, the deans of the faculties, some heads of departments and the academic staff at the university. 

It is worth noting that the participants in the symposium are: a. Dr.. Khaled Zain Al-Saqqaf, Dean of the College of Dentistry, University of Aden, Prof. M. Dr.. Muhammad Hassan Al-Saqqaf, Director General of the Republic Hospital Authority, Prof. Dr.. Huda Ba Salim, Vice Dean of the College of Graduate Studies at the University of Aden and Director of the Cancer Registration and Research Center at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Aden, Prof. M. Dr.. Nashwan Abdullah Al-Afifi, Vice Dean of the College of Dentistry for Practical Affairs, University of Aden, Prof. M. Dr.. Sana Maher Aghbari, Director of Educational Affairs, University of Aden, Prof. M. Dr.. Nasreen Muhammad Al-Namnam, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Prof. M. Dr.. Fadi Abdullah Saeed, Al-Hogail Digital Medical Academy, Dr. Awsan Salem Hamid, President of the Dentists Syndicate, in addition to faculty members in the department, some last-level students, and a select group of university graduates and the labor market.

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