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Based on the university's keenness to qualify its students and provide them with skills and experience, link theoretical knowledge with practical application, and provide students with the opportunity to discover their capabilities, desires and the needs of the labor market, the university has approved field training as one of the courses in its study plans, where the student works within an institutional framework for a specific period in one of the authorities suitable for his specialization in order to gain practical experience and deliver him to distinguished professional standards.

The importance of field training:

The internship is an important part of the student preparation programme. The importance of field training lies in the following:

  • Field training is the first opportunity for the student to apply what he learned in a realistic environment by converting the theoretical side (the acquired knowledge) into the practical side (the produced work).
  • Field training is an effective way to expand the skills and knowledge of the student, to provide him with new capabilities and skills, and to increase his ability to be creative and innovative.
  • Field training provides an opportunity to deal with experienced trainers, which gives students the opportunity to understand the needs and characteristics of the environment in which they are supposed to work.
  • Field training provides the student with the opportunity to have direct contact with the work environment and to confront and manage the various pressures that he may face in the labor market in the future.


The main objectives of field training are to qualify students to enter the labor market. These goals include:

  • Giving the student practical experience before graduation.
  • Translating theoretical concepts that he learned academically into practical and applied situations in the reality of work.
  • Providing the student with professional ethics through field practice.
  • Provide the student with the skill of regularity, accuracy and speed in completing tasks.
  • Develop students' abilities for self-learning and self-reliance.
  • Developing the student's skills for individual work or group work in a team.

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The University of Science and Technology is a member of Arab Council for Training and Student Creativity  Which provides training opportunities for students of Arab universities in various scientific and human disciplines.

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