A scientific symposium entitled Directing and Linking Graduation Projects to Artificial Intelligence

Under the auspices of the Acting President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abdel-Ghani Hamid Ahmed, the College of Engineering and Computers organized on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, a scientific symposium entitled: “Guiding and Linking Graduation Projects with Artificial Intelligence” for students of the last levels – College of Engineering and Computers, majoring in information systems and mechatronics engineering.

Participate in the course via Zoom application Dr. Abdulaziz Abourjila. During the symposium, models of projects that contribute to solving societal problems in some countries of the developed world were reviewed, and the possibility of benefiting from them in directing students' ideas towards creative graduation projects that are related to the public life of society.

Some suggestions were also presented that could be the nucleus of new creative ideas that serve the community and are not duplicates of previous projects, and to keep pace with the university's current trends by benefiting from and developing its students' graduation projects and working on producing them in a way that serves the community and the surrounding environment.

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