nutritional camp

Today, Wednesday, November 16, 2022 AD

Nutrition Camp (2) - College of Medicine and Health Sciences - Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics


Within the student activities and events held by the University of Science and Technology - the main center, Aden, the Department of Health Sciences - Therapeutic Nutrition and Dietetics Program held its nutritional scientific activity for the students of the Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Program

Where the camp opened with the speech of the Acting President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghani Hamid Ahmed, in which he praised the efforts of the department and the therapeutic feeding program in the work of the second nutritional camp, which was distinguished in preparation and preparation.

As Dr. Taha Abdo Ali - Supervisor of the Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Program at the University. Make the most of it.

The student / Saba Hayel Saeed gave a speech on behalf of the students participating in the camp, in which she thanked the university leadership and the deanship of the college for providing them with the opportunity and creating a suitable atmosphere to highlight all ideas and creations in order to crystallize them on the ground, after that the attendees toured the various wings of the camp, which included all the concerns of nutrition, Touching citizens, patients and related to malnutrition and metabolism.

Among the most prominent guests of the camp were Professor Ali Hamid Al-Awlaki - Professor of International Law and Human Rights, and a number of academics and interested parties from the Universities of Science and Technology and the University of Aden.

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