Student Affairs Unit Holds First Aid Course

The Student Affairs Unit of the University of Science and Technology, Hadhramaut, holds a first aid course for students


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October 18, 2021 AD

The Student Affairs Unit at the University of Science and Technology, in coordination with the scientific departments, held a course on first aid with the participation of

The workshop, which was delivered by the first aid coach, Professor Abdulaziz Bamhail, included theoretical and practical lectures on how to treat emergency cases such as heart attack, internal and external bleeding, loss of consciousness, suffocation, burns and wounds, as well as how to hit injections.

Professor Adel Al-Murshidi, a student affairs specialist at the university, stressed that the course aims to spread the culture of first aid and in order to increase medical and health awareness, and to reduce as much as possible the harmful effects of the injury, while calling the ambulance personnel at the same time to transport the injured as quickly as possible so that his first aid can be completed.

He added that the Student Affairs Unit will work in the coming days to hold many qualitative courses for students as well as various activities.

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