Quality Level of the Standards Used to Evaluate Teaching Performance- University of Ouargla, Algerian- from the Faculty Members’ Perspective

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The performance of the faculty members plays a pivotal role in the university’s development, because it directly affects its outcomes that are oriented primarily to serve the community; it’s therefore necessary to pay attention to this performance. Most universities in the world have sought to improve the teachers’ performance, through the development of an integrated system of evaluation that is based on indicators affecting all aspects of this performance. However, the problem is whether there are standards and indicators of good quality to evaluate the performance, especially achieving the quality of higher education today is mainly linked to the quality of the educational skills of university professors. Therefore, this study attempted to address the following questions: What role do teachers’ performance measurement indicators have in achieving quality? To what extent the application of these indicators is of quality from the  perspective of professors of the Faculties of Law and Political Science and Humanities at the University of Ouargla? To answer these questions, the descriptive approach was followed by developing a questionnaire which was distributed to a random sample consisting of 212 professors of both colleges. After the analysis data and interpretation of results, the study revealed the following:

  • The teaching performance of university professor is considered an integrated system which is of great importance in achieving educational goals at the university level.
  • The evaluation of university teachers’ performance plays a major role in improving the level of educational performance.
  • Even though the university professor recognizes the importance of the measurement process of educational performance, more than half of the sample were of the opinion that this process needs more indicators, because the existing ones are characterized by inflexibility and formality; and this affects the quality of the process.

 Keywords: Faculty member, Measurement of educational performance, Performance indicators, Quality of higher education.


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