Learning Zone(LZ)

LZ is a public library, which was set up jointly by the British Council and the University of Science and Technology. it aims to strengthen  the partnership between them ,and to provide community services.

What dose LZ contain?

LZ consists of a wide range of books in English as well as a selection of journals and magazines, it also has the books for IELTS  and ACCA preparation .there is also a section for information on education in the UK.

LZ has audio resources for language study and is equipped with modern technologies and internet lab for scientific research.

What are LZ services?

1-      providing English references in the field of language, literature, science and management .

2-      using modern techniques of borrowing and returning.

3-      Offering the service of online scientific research.

4-      Guiding LZ users on  how to use LZ services and resources.

5-      providing free access reading and searching services in a comfortable environment.

How can you join LZ?

-          If you are interested in reading in English or studying the English language, you can be a member in LZ whether if  you are a student ,a researcher or you have a job.

-          If you want to be a member in LZ you have to:

1-       provide a copy of your ID.

2-      pay the fees according to the period and category. Your membership can be renews when expires

3-      pay deposit refundable at terminate of membership.

-          After becoming a member, you will have a library card and you can borrow 2 books for two weeks each time, and renew them for another two weeks.

-           Please note that if you delay the books of 3 months later, you will lose your deposit.

 LZ working hours:

LZ is opened six days a week:

09:00 AM-3:00 PM( Saturday to Wednesday )

09:00 AM-1:00 PM Thursdays.

Where is LZ?

The University of Science & Technology campus,

Girls ' Branch

For more information, please contact:

Tel:+967 1 373237 ext 3131

e-mail: learningzone@ust.edu


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