About the Library:

The Library of the Faculty of Engineering was established in 1994 along with the establishment of the faculty. The library provides readers and students with  the Engineering sciences.

The Library also offers its services to all members of the university students, administrative and academic staff. It is also an open access to the researchers, graduates and people to read and search for information and knowledge.  

Library location:

The library is located within the Faculty of Engineering Building  in the second floor.

The library's contents:

Books Section:

Library has over 8,000 books which covers various Engineering fields and this section also includes references, atlases, encyclopedias and dictionaries.

Journals Section:

This section contains many journals in the field of Engineering science and and also includes the university's journals.

Theses and dissertations Section:

This section contains excellent graduation research for students and many master and doctoral dissertations in the field of Engineering science.

Software and CD-ROM Section:

It contains many articles and scientific books and CDs in the field of Engineering science and research projects.

Library Laboratory:

It contains computers designed for scientific research and for the use of electronic library,

The library also equipped with a wireless network for personal computers.

Library Services:

Library offers the following services:

  1. borrowing and retrieval of books through the automated system according to book borrowing rules.
  2. Guiding and educating the library pioneers on how to access  and use the  information sources of library .
  3. Guiding and educating the library pioneers on how to use the electronic library .
  4. Arranging and organizing the library in order to facilitate access to information sources.
  5. Ongoing awareness to the newly published references and journals.
  6. Assisting the  researchers in identifying the needs of the references by searching the automated system of the library.
  7. Providing conducive  atmosphere for reviewing and  researching and application of discipline and control system in the library.
  8. Providing computer labs for scientific research.


Librarian name:              Telephone         Ext:                    Email:

Abduarrahman Ajlan        01373237     5101  

Jamal Alashwal            01373237     5101       

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