General Secretariat


General Secretariat (GS)

Since UST inception, the General Secretariat was under the general administration of the university presidency. So much later, the general secretariat was established within the new organizational chart of the university in early 2011 to be one of the independent managements and departments such as:

vFinance Department

vHuman Resources Management

vService and security Department

vPurchasing and store Department

vPublic Relations and Media Management

vMarketing Management

vMaintenance Department


To be the leading management in the organizational work and provision of excellent services.


Provide and facilitate conducive learning environment through providing distinct financial, administrative services to the customers. This is achieved by highly qualified staff and stimulating work environment in addition to state-of the art technology in accordance with the total quality systems.


§Enhance student knowledge and skills in various academic disciplines.

§Enhance student knowledge and skills in various academic disciplines.

§Contribute to support efforts of practical and scientific research in different areas.

§Link the learning outcomes with the requirements of the labor market to ensure the graduates are employable.

§Provide the necessary infrastructure for the support of the learning process and students' services and activities.

§Provide opportunities for education in separate locations for male and female students.

§Expand the partnerships and develop the relationships with other reputable universities and institutions of scientific research domestically, regionally, and internationally.

§Ensure compliance with the requirements of quality assurance and academic accreditation.

§Ensure sustained professional development for the administrative and teaching staff.

§Provide excellent community services.

§Increase the competitiveness of the university through excellent institutional performance.


§Adherence to ethical and professional standards

§Objectivity, transparency and accountability

§Development of responsibility towards the society


§Quality and distinction

§Encourage innovative and self-initiatives.

§Lifelong learning.


GS services services:

§control and regulate the financial transactions and processes.

§Manage and collect the tuition fees.

§Run the operating financial expenses.

§Manage cash liquidity.

§Manage the fixed assets and stores.

§Achieve the operating efficiency in collecting revenues.

§Raise the efficiency and effectiveness of the finance department.

2.Human Resources:

§determine the staffing and training needs.

§Regulate the working hours and deductions and leaves.

§Internal and external scholarships for academic and admin staffs.

3.Procurement and Storage:

§Provide university with the fixed assets, equipment and operating materials on time and with high quality and competitive prices.

§Receive and store the materials according to the safety and security standards and disburse them within a scheduled plan to meet the needs of all the departments and managements of the university.

4.Public Relations and Media:

§Prepare and facilitate the visas, permits, residence procedures for teaching staff.

§Purchase travel tickets and booking and relevant procedures.

§Facilitate publishing and printing brochures and posters and any other relevant publications.

§Documentation and media publishing.


§Facilitate marketing services to promote the mental image of the university and increase the market share.

6.Security service

§Provide and regulate security and guarding services in all sites of the university.

7.Planting and gardening Services

§Rent accommodations and provide them with furniture and housing for teaching staff and students.

§Supply the university with sufficient water.

§Provide and regulate the transportation services.

8.Maintenance services

§Preventative, regular and urgent maintenance for devices and equipment.

§Repair buildings and facilities of the university.

§Maintain the service systems such as ( generators, lifts, major water pumps etc.)

 Contact addresses 


General Secretary

Faisal Hazza Qaid


Manager of General Secretary Office

Khalid Muhammed Handhala"




Majid Abdulrahman


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