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الأبحاث المتميزة في كلية الحاسبات

Research Project Title

Project Investigator(s) Achievement Date

The Impact of Service Quality Dimensions on Customer Satisfaction in Telecom Mobile Companies in Yemen

Abdulahh Hussein Alhashdi 2017

Vehicle rewarding for video transmission over VANETs using Real Neighborhood and Relative Velocity (RNRV)

Walid Shaher M. Yousef 2017

Quality of Context in Context-Aware Systems

Asma A.Q. Al-Shargabi 2017

A New Hybrid Discrete Firefly Algorithm for Solving the Traveling Salesman Problem

Abdulqader M Mohsen,
Wedad Al-Sorori

Group Formation Techniques in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning: A Systematic Literature Review

Naseebah Maqtary,
Abdulqader Mohsen

Determinant of Resistance for ERP System in Private Companies in Yemen

Wedad Al-sorori,
Abdulqader Mohsen

An Efficient Routing Method for Protection Data Flow in the MPLS Network

Hasan Abdul Raqib Abdo Asaad, Belal Al-Fuhaidi 2017

An Improved Hybrid Bat Algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem

Wedad Al-sorori,
Abdulqader Mohsen,
Walid Aljoby
Determinant of Resistance for ERP System in Private Companies in Yemen
Sadik Al-Taweel,
Mohammed Hussein Haithm

A Comparison Study between RCCAR and Conventional Prediction Techniques for Resolving Context Conflicts in Pervasive Context-Aware Systems

Asma A. Al- Shargabi 2016

Annealing Ant Colony Optimization with Mutation Operator for Solving TSP

Abdulqader M Mohsen 2016

A Robust Harmony Search Algorithm Based Markov Model for Node Deployment in Hybrid Wireless Sensor Networks

Abdulqader Mohsen, Walid Aljoby 2016

Effective Measurements of  Online Plagiarism Detection Software for Arabic Thesis' Plagiarism.

Abdullatif Ghallab, Ghadah Adel, 1/1/2015

RFID Adoption in the Yemeni Food Companies.

Abdullatif Ghallab, Abdullah Al-Hashedi, 10/1/2014

Cloud Computing for Open Education Universities: UST As A Case Studies & Web Mining Techniques for Enhancing Performance of the Highter Education.

Abdullah Al-Hashedi, Abdullatif Ghallab, Ghadah Adel, Yusuf Al-Shraee, 1/9/2014

Watermarking based on letter level and order four of Markov Model.

Adnan Al-Saqaf, Fahd Al-Wesabi, 1/9/2014

Stategic IS Planning for RFID Implementation among Haj Organizers.

Abdullah Al-Hashedi, 1/4/2015

Investigation the Difficulties of Utilization E-Learning at General Telecommunication Institute in Yemen.

Abdullatif Ghallab, 1/4/2015

Content Based Image Retrieval Based on Smart Techniques.

Ismail Hameed, 1/4/2015

English Text Watermarking Based on Letter Level and Order four of Markov Model.

Fahd Al-Wesabi, 1/3/2014

Cloud Computing for Open Education: General Review and Categorization.

Yusuf Al-Shraee, 1/3/2015

Comparison Study for Web Mining Technology.

Ghadah Adel, 1/3/2015

نموذج للاستخدام الفعال لبوابة الجامعة بواسطة الهواتف الذكية

Fares Iskander, 1/1/2015

Social Web Search and Mining.

Mohammed Shamshuddin, 1/1/2016

Learning Materials and Assessing them in terms of Usefulness.

Bridget Shakesy, 1/1/2016

Applying elliptic curve mobile security.

Adnan Al-Saqaf, Sadiq Al-Taweel, 1/1/2015

Enhancing Image Processing Techniques and Content Based Image Tetrieval.

Ismail Hameed, Sadiq Al-Taweel, Ameera Al-Adeemi, Abdulrahman Al-Molegi, 9/1/2014

Business Intelligence for Open Education.

Ahmed Al-Aghbari, Mohammed Al-Soti, Mariam Al-Kohlani, Mohammed Al-Doail, Abdulkadir Al-Abbadi, 1/1/2015

ERP Adoption Resistance.

Sadiq Al-Taweel, 1/6/2015

Business Intelligence Classification.

Mohammed Al-Doail, 3/1/2015

Enhancing Image Processing Techniques.

Ameera Al-Adeemi, 3/1/2015

Content Based Image Retrieval.

Abdulrahman Al-Molegi, 3/1/2015

Algorithms and Systems for Big Data Search.

Ahmed Al-Aghbari, 6/1/2015

New Realities through Artificial Intelligence.

Mohammed Al-Soti, 6/1/2015

Data Management in the Social Web.

Mariam Al-Kohlani, 6/1/2015

Cloud Computing Adoption for Higher Education in Yemen.

Nabil Al-Mekhlafi, Mohammed Al-Hakim, Abdulhameed Roais, Wedad Al-Sorori, Sara Arsalan, Ammar Al-Zahari, 12/1/2014

Virtualization Techniques for E-Government Services.

Nabil Al-Mekhlafi, 3/1/2015

دراسة أثر وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي على الشباب المسلم

Ammar Al-Zahari, 4/1/2015

Multiuser Detection with Linear Equalization for DCT-MC-CDMA Systems.

Bilal Al-Fahedi, 4/1/2015

Performance Analysis of the Downlink CP-WCDMA System with Turbo Code in Frequency Domain.

Bilal Al-Fahedi, 4/1/2015

Wireless Networks Protocols Comparison.

Waleed Shaher, 3/1/2015

MRI Brain Classification Based on Hybrid AI.

Waleed Al-Joobi, 3/1/2015

Middleware Techniques for Mobile Computing.

Nosaibah Al-Maqtari, 3/1/2015

A Multilayer Framework for Quality for Context in Context-Aware Systems.

Asma Al-Shargabi, 3/1/2015

Mobility and Big Data Techniques.

Wadie Al-Qobati, 3/1/2015

An Intelligent Framework for Wireless Networks Engergy Sensing.

Yaser Al-Thamari, 3/1/2015

M-Learning: Mobile Applications and Technologies.

Mohammed Al-Hakim, 3/1/2015

Semantic-based Data Mining and Data Pre-processing.

Mohammed Al-Shaibani, 3/1/2015

Multimedia and Multi-structured Data-Big Variety Data.

Hasan Asad, 6/1/2015

Large Scale Assignment Evaluation in MOOC.

Abdulhameed Roais, 6/1/2015

Data Mining Methods Based on Software Engineering Standards.

Sara Arsalan, 3/1/2015

Fuzzy Logic Controller for Sensor Nodes Scheduling in Multimedia Sensor Networks.

Bilal Al-Fahedi, Hasan Asad, Waleed Al-Joobi, Waleed Shaher, Yaser Al-Thamari, 12/1/2014

Multi-Agent System Based on SOA in

M-Learning Environment.

Abdulqader Mohsen, Asma Al-Shargabi, Mohammed Al-Shaibani, Nosaibah Al-Maqtari, Wadie Al-Qobati, Waleed Al-Joobi, 9/1/2014

 تحميل الأبحاث المتميزة في كلية الحاسبات

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