Combat against Neglected Parasitic Diseases in Yemen: The Need for Mapping as a Prerequisite for Elimination

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Rashad Abdul-Ghani


Besides poverty, war and social unrest, Yemen is afflicted with the majority of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) listed by the World health organization, particularly parasitic ones. Despite the efforts made by some control and elimination programmes, there is a lack of reliable mapping services that could help to identify the top-priority endemic areas and at-risk populations and to monitor the effectiveness of past and ongoing efforts to eliminate parasitic NTDs. Therefore, most of the NTD burden iceberg in Yemen is still submerged and needs to be assessed, mapped and stratified for the implementation of cost-effective elimination interventions. Availability of accessible data on the burden of parasitic diseases as well as mass drug administration in endemic areas is a prerequisite for any successful cost-effective elimination efforts. The establishment of an open-access national NTDs mapping center in Yemen should be considered as a databank for researchers, policy makers and funding bodies.


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