Behavior of Rubberized Concrete-Filled Square Steel Tube Under Axial Loading

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Abdullah Al-Shwaiter
Ziyad Al-Gaboby


The purpose of this paper is to investigate the behavior of rubberized concrete-filled steel tube (RuCFST)analytically by using ABAQUS 6.12-1 software for square columns under axial loading. Twelve specimens modeled with various variables which are rubber content as replacement percentage from natural aggregate (0%, 5% and 15%), tube thickness (3mm and 6mm) and columns’ length (1.5m and 3.0m). The results showed an adoption model of RuCFST columns subjected to axial force in elastic and plastic properties of steel and concrete gives a good agreement between numerical and references experimental results. Also, the results showed a reduction in column capacity with increasing rubber content. In contrast, the results showed an increase in the columns’ compression capacity with increasing the thickness from 3 to 6mm. In addition, columns’ lengths have no significant effect on compression capacity, although the corresponding shortening increased with increase column’s length.

Keywords: Rubberized concrete, Infilled steel tube, Finite element, Axial loading and ABAQUS.


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Civil Engineering