Full Duplex Spectrum Sensing and Energy Harvesting in Cognitive Radio Networks

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Taha Ahmed Alhatmi
Adulaziz M. Aldhabhani


Full-duplex Energy Harvesting Cognitive Radio Networks (FD EHCRNs), which is a combination of full-duplex (FD) technique, cognitive radio (CR), and radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting technique, is a new wireless communication model to improve spectrum efficiency (SE) and energy efficiency (EE). Using FD, the Energy Harvesting Cognitive Radio Networks (EH CRN) equipment of the cognitive users can perform spectrum sensing, data transmission, and energy harvesting simultaneously. Consequently, full duplex in EH CRNs can solve the spectrum waste and transmission discontinuation problems caused by traditional CRNs. In this paper, a new proposal model for FD EHCRN is presented focusing on detection threshold design and energy harvesting model to try improving the system performance. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to redesign the existing EHCRN and proposes a new model for spectrum sensing technique using full-duplex with only two antennas. Both mathematical analysis and numerical results are presented in this paper.


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Electronics Engineering