Effect of Science Corner Activities in the Development of Some Mental Habits of kindergarten Children in Jordan

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Hana Hussein Al-Fulfuly
Iqbal Abdel Wahab Ahmed Mahadeen


This study aimed at identifying the impact of Science Corner Activities on developing some mental habits among the Kindergarten children in Jordan. The study sample consisted of 42 male and female children from the second level in kindergartens in Jordan, whose ages range between (5-6) years old. The researchers used the semi-experimental design with its pre and post tests for the control and the experimental groups. In order to achieve the study objectives, the researchers used the following tools: Science Corner Activities and, a depicted test for some mental habits, prepared by the researchers. The study results showed that there were differences between the mean scores for the experimental group and the control group children regarding the test of some mental habits in favor of the experimental group. However, no differences were found between the mean scores of the male and female children regarding the test of some mental habits. The results also showed that there is no impact for the interaction between the gender and the activities in the test of mental habits. In the light of these results, the study concluded that Science Corner Activities are effective in developing some mental habits among the Kindergarten children. The study recommended preparing and training the Kindergarten teachers in a way that enables them to be a good example for the children in practicing the mental habits as well as training the children to employ the mental habits through the various activities. The study also recommended providing the educational elements in the Kindergarten setting so as to facilitate the learning process and make it as attractive as possible.

Keywords: science corner activities, mental habits, kindergarten children.


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