Effectiveness of Mental Imagery Strategy in Developing Critical Reading Skills in English among Intermediate School Students in Tabuk

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Awatif Bader Saleh Albalawi
Mohareb Ali Alsmadi


The research aimed to investigate the effectiveness of mental imagery strategy in developing critical reading skills in English language among students of intermediate school. To achieve the aim, the researcher adopted the quasi-experimental design and built a test of critical reading skills suitable for the third intermediate stage. The sample of the study consisted of (60) female students who were divided into a control group (30)and  an experimental group (30). The study results showed that the students of the experimental group who studied the English language using the mental imagery strategy had more improvement than the control group members who studied the same subject in the regular way. Based on the study results, the researcher recommended developing critical reading skills and practices among the students and conducting training courses for teachers on the use of mental Imagery techniques in teaching  English. It was also recommended to make use of the teacher’s guide, which was prepared in the current research, in the training workshops.

Keywords: effectiveness, strategy, mental imagery, critical reading, intermediate school.


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