The Effectiveness of Using Digital Stories in Developing Listening Skills among Ninth Grade Female Students in Jordan

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Ghada Khaleel Asad Mansi


This study aimed to identify the impact of using digital stories in developing listening skills for ninth grade female students in Jordan. To achieve the study objectives‚ the researcher used the experimental method where the sample was chosen in an indiscriminate way, and consisted of (64) students selected from Khawla Bint Alazwr Girls school. They were divided into two groups: the experimental group which consisted of (32) students, and the control group which consisted of (32) students. A test of listening skills was the data collection tool. The tool was checked for its validity and reliability. A pretest was administered to the two groups (both experimental and controlled) to insure their homogeneity. After using the digital stories‚ a posttest was applied to the two groups.  Then the  data was treated statistically. Results of the study showed significant differences at (α= 0.05) in favor of those students who were taught using digital stories.

Keywords: Digital stories, Listening skills.


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