The Impact of an Enrichment Program Using (V) Shape Map to Teach Research Methods Course on Developing Scientific Research Skills and Critical Thinking Skills among Students of Educational Sciences - Zarqa University

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Talal Al-Zoubi
Ashraf Kan'an
Rada Al Mwdiah


This study aimed to investigate the effect of an enrichment program based on using (V) shape map in teaching the Research Methods course on developing scientific research skills and critical thinking skills among students of the College of Educational Sciences at Zarqa University compared to the traditional method. The study was limited to female students registered in the Research Methods  course, who were 78 students, and distributed in two classes. One was randomly selected as the experimental group, consisting of 40 students who were taught by using the (V) shape map. The other class was the control group and consisted of  38 students; they were taught by using the traditional method. Using ANOVA analysis, the study results showed that experimental group members showed more improvement in their scientific and critical thinking skills than the control group members, which was statistically significant at (P<0.05).  In the light of these findings, the study concluded that it is important to use (V) shape map in the teaching of research methods course. Teaching staff members should also be given training on the use of (V) shape map in university instruction.

Keywords: (V) shape map, Scientific research skills, Critical thinking skills, Research Methods course.



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