The conclusion of the Football League Championship for the academic year 2021-2022 AD.

In the presence of the University President’s Assistant for Student Affairs and Community Centers, Dr. Munir al-Abadi, and Secretary-General a. Muhammad Al-Aghbari, and Head of Student Affairs Prof. Abdul Aziz Al-Nakhbi, and relations officer, a. Bakil Ahmed, and sports activities supervisor a. Moaz Hisham, The University of Science and Technology, Headquarters, Aden, concluded on Saturday, March 19, 2022 AD, the Football League Championship for the academic year 2021-2022 AD. 

It was an exciting final, in which the defending champion met the medical laboratory team and the information technology team with a large crowd, and from the first moment the excitement, spirit of challenge and determination filled the two teams with a football atmosphere worthy of the League of Science and Technology final.

The first half ended with the medical laboratories team advancing with a goal by the player Youssef Abdel Qader, and in the second half the information technology team returned to the atmosphere of the match by scoring the first goal by the player Imran Khaled, and the spark of competition ignited, which continued at the same pace until the referee’s whistle announced the end of the match The medical laboratory team won the title (7-3), and the medical laboratory team won the championship title for the second time.

In the end, the medical laboratories team was honored with the championship cup, and the player Youssef Abdel Qader - medical laboratories won the top scorer award in the championship, and the best goalkeeper award went to the player Hussein Al-Mallahi - dentistry, and the second place team - information technology was honored with silver medals. 


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