Program Mission

The Qur’anic Sciences Program in the Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Learning seeks to provide a distinguished educational service, and to graduate a qualified cadre equipped with scientific and professional skills, to meet the needs of the labor market locally and regionally, and to serve the community, by providing a stimulating educational environment, and specialized academic competencies, using Modern electronic communications and technologies, in accordance with quality assurance and accreditation standards.

Program Vision

That the Quranic sciences program achieve leadership locally and regionally in the field of Quranic and Sharia sciences.

Program Features

  • The program is accredited by all academic boards.

  • An accredited program of higher education.

  • The program was adopted according to the international PSD specifications.

  • Sophisticated curricula and courses prepared in a modern self-learning manner.

  • Teaching directly online (virtual classes).

  • Recorded educational video lectures.

Program Goals

Providing university education opportunities in the field of Holy Qur’an sciences for those who were unable to enroll in traditional university education.

Providing students with scientific and applied skills in the sciences of the Qur’an to meet the needs of society

Contribute to the dissemination of Islamic studies related to the Noble Qur’an and contribute to raising the awareness of the community about the interest in learning and teaching it.

Meeting the labor market and society's needs for the outputs of Quranic studies, and what is related to them

Career and academic opportunities for graduates of the program:

  1. Teaching in public or private schools as well as in universities for higher levels.
  2. Work in leading mosques and preaching in them.
  3. Teaching the Holy Quran and its sciences in institutions and centers interested in teaching the Book of God Almighty.
  4. Work in research and development centers specialized in Quranic studies.
  5. Also working in magazines and newspapers interested in Quranic studies.
  6. Pursue masters in different universities.

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