Program Mission

The media program (press) in the Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Learning seeks to provide a distinguished educational, training and advisory service in the arts, and to graduate cadres that contribute to the development of society and meet the local and regional labor market in accordance with comprehensive quality systems and through efficient cadres, advanced curricula and modern technical means commensurate with learning e-learning and distance learning, taking into account accuracy in performance and honesty in dealing.

Program Vision

The media program (press) to become one of the leading locally, regionally and internationally distinguished programs in the field of journalism and journalistic arts.

Program Features

  • Curricula and courses developed and prepared in a self-learning manner.

  • Teaching directly online (virtual classes).

  • Recorded educational video lectures

  • An accredited program that has been prepared in accordance with academic quality standards and the references of a number of corresponding programs in several universities.

  • The program is accredited by all academic boards.

  • An accredited program of higher education.

  • Preparing the graduate to join the labor market with high efficiency in the field of journalism.

  • The program is accompanied by practical exercises in the areas of specialization that meet the student's aspirations.

Program Goals

Providing open education opportunities in the field of journalism and publishing for those who were unable to enroll in formal education.

Develop the student's specialized knowledge.

Develop the student's research skills.

Developing values, behavior and moral and social responsibility.

Achieving a comprehensive knowledge of science closely related to the specialization.

Development of professional and applied skills.

Career opportunities

Working in the field of journalism as an editor, press director, writer, reporter or editor-in-chief.

Work in the news departments of radio, television and other media organizations in the public and private sectors.

Work in media departments and departments in public and private institutions.

Continuing to study masters in different universities.


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