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About the Center

Our goals

  1. Providing a fertile environment for field training and graduation projects for university students in the disciplines of computer science, technology, information systems, communications and networks.

  2. Providing distinguished services to the community through training and consulting in various fields of computer, networking and information technology.

  3.  Providing international courses and tests to raise the level of graduates of information technology programs.

Our message

The center seeks to provide distinguished advisory and training services to the community in line with the requirements of the local, regional and international labor market. 


our vision

Upgrading the university's services in the field of training and consulting in the field of information technologies to achieve excellence at the local and regional levels.


Center Services

Technical Consulting

The center provides a highly efficient specialized consultancy service in the field of computer and information technology in the following areas:

  • Information Technology
  • Networks
  • Systems analysis and design

Where the center relies on a high-level cadre of center staff and faculty members working in the various faculties of the university, in implementing the consultations.


Software systems development

The Systems Development Center is interested in providing the highest level of programming and application development as solutions to achieve the center's goals.

These software solutions need the continuity of high-level technical support, and here we find one of the reasons for success, which we always work to distinguish our services with, which helps users to achieve the goals of obtaining permanent systems of renewal and development, providing them with continuous flexibility in dealing with the development of the market that occurs around them, And the ability to expand their business, and get the maximum degree of time and cost savings in their business. This can only happen by continuous work to achieve the goal together and save time to keep pace with market changes, to contribute to saving costs for the user and always put him in a leading position in the competition..

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