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Signing an MOA with Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah (USAS)

January 12 2021

Embarking 2021 with a momentous occasion in empowering higher education with East Asia Global.

The Signing Ceremony between a Malaysian university, Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah, and a Middle East university, University of Science and Technology on January 12, 2021.As an education consultancy company, East Asia Global strives to promote development in educational institutions that aligns with current trends.

East Asia Global plays vital roles in managing academic programs for universities online for undergraduate and postgraduate programs, providing online learning platforms to universities, professional trainings, language trainings, as well as research studies for the purpose of improving organizations’ performance.

In conjunction with our vision to be the leading company in integrated development, our overall efforts focus on making fruitful links between higher educational institutions, and taking part in the management in order to contribute in promoting local universities and colleges in the international level.

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