A way to a Better Future

The University of Science & Technology, a future pathway and a destination of choice, with over 27 years of expertise in building upon great educational outcomes within all faculties and underlying progrmmes, with qualified graduates across the globe reflecting the university’s vision of outstanding achievement, and testifying in favor of the university’s role which has bridged their path to success.
Contributing to a better future, portrayed within the many endeavors, experiences, and signs of successes, along with an inspiring vision and effective partnerships, through which the university has gained local and international status; With diligent efforts and an ambitious will to draw upon sustainable regional leadership and global recognition, and through a stimulating learning environment, we will bridge your path to success.
Throughout a quarter century of an ongoing mission, generations who have graduated uphold the university’s mission in presenting models of success figures across the globe. Here students’ education quality is our ultimate goal; a shared cause to which we together strive to achieve, and throughout the years, embarking on success has been the amulet of all those who have chosen to start their path from the right starting point; Making he right choice, they have crossed half the path, and with effective efforts and determinacy, they have completed the remaining half.
Sparking as live signs of an eloquent frame that continues to produce upcoming generation, they are there to apply their knowledge in means that serve humanity.
The student, knowledge and community service a paradigm from which we continue together with strenuous steps and from which we draw our standards.
We believe that “whoever walked the path arrived.”
and with us we walk you through the path of success towards a better future.
USTY: The way to a better future...

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