A scientific panel discussion, a seminar for MBA students

On Saturday, October 22, 2022, at 1:20 pm, the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research held, at the main center in Aden, a scientific panel discussion (seminar) entitled “Strategic Thinking”, in which MBA students discussed the concept of strategic thinking, its patterns and models, and its relationship to leadership, strategic planning and industry the decision.

The seminar hosted eminent and specialized scientific personalities who enriched its topics with in-depth scientific and knowledge interventions based on long practical experience. Among the guests of the seminar was A. Dr.. Dawoud Abd al-Malik al-Hadabi, academic and international expert and vice-chairman of the university’s board of trustees;

Dr. Abdullah Al-Hajj - Associate Professor of Business Administration - Community College - Aden; President of the Executive Body of Community Colleges,

Dr.. Nashwan Mansour - Assistant Professor of Business Administration - Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen, 

Dr.. Iskandar Hassan Abdel Sattar - Associate Professor of Business Administration, and Academic Director of the Lebanese University, 

Dr.. Mahmoud Abdo Thabet - Assistant Professor of Business Administration - Dean of the College of Administrative and Human Sciences at the university;

Dr.. Muhammad Saeed Al-Haidari - Associate Professor of Law - Responsible for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research at the University;

Dr.. Ahmed Abdel-Razzaq - Assistant Professor of Statistics - Taiz University.

The seminar was opened with a speech by Prof. Dr. Abdul-Ghani Hamid Ahmed - Acting President of the University - who praised such scientific activities, stressing the importance of recurring these activities periodically, and discussing priority scientific topics in Yemeni society. For his part, Dr. welcomed. Muammar Al-Qutibi - Assistant to the President for Academic Affairs - attended the meeting, appreciating the inauguration of these scientific activities by the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, and welcomed Dr. Muhammad Saeed Al-Haidari, Responsible for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, welcomed the guests, experts and students, pointing out that this activity is the first scientific activity in the deanship.

The establishment of this activity comes as one of the requirements in the strategic management course for master's students in the business administration program at the university. The seminar was implemented under the supervision of Dr. Bashir Mohammed Al-Hammadi, Professor of the Course, and Head of the Department of Business Administration in the College of Administrative and Human Sciences at the university.

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