Farewell party for undergraduate pharmacy students 2021-2022

On Wednesday, August 10, the University of Science and Technology celebrated the graduation of 35 pharmacists

In the farewell ceremony that was held for the batch of “Healers”, Dr. Munir Al-Abadi - Assistant President of the University for Student Affairs, congratulated the students on their graduation celebration, and he also congratulated the efforts of the academic staff in the department, college and university on the success of the efforts made, pointing out in his speech to the university’s keenness to supply the labor market with qualified cadres. With science, knowledge and practical application. Pointing out that the distinction of pharmacy outputs at the university was that the employment of the department's outputs began before the batch's graduation from the university.

At the ceremony, the academic supervisor, Dr. Abdullah Al-Amoudi gave a speech in which he indicated that this batch will be a qualitative addition in its field to the labor market, calling on students to devote most of their time to serving the country and the citizen through their services to the community.

In turn, the graduate students affirmed that they will work to serve the community and save the lives of its members by providing pharmaceutical and medical services that benefit all members of the community, taking into account the professional, scientific and honesty entrusted to them, thanking all the efforts made by the faculty in the college and their parents, which had an impact. great in their success.

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