Scientific day to discuss graduation research

University media


Under the auspices of the University of Science and Technology, Hadhramout Branch, and under the auspices of Biolab for Medical Supplies, the scientific departments of the university held a scientific day to discuss the graduation research of undergraduate students, as the research included the specializations of medical laboratories, business administration, accounting, information technology, and architecture.

The University of Science and Technology is also keen to activate such annual events to advance the research process in accordance with strategic plans and in accordance with the vision and mission of the university.

And in the inaugural session of the scientific day, which opened with verses from the Holy Qur’an, where the director of the university branch gave a speech in which he thanked everyone who contributed to the success of scientific research and reviewed the progress of scientific research in the university branch during this year and urged faculty members to more diverse activities related to In scientific research, he wished all students success and may God bless their efforts.

It is worth noting that the scientific day for discussing graduation research is accompanied by a number of activities related to scientific research, such as a training course in the Mendeley Program, a course on selecting the scientific journal, and scientific research skills.

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