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Administrative Sciences

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Faculty of Administrative Sciences


Within a few years of its inception, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences at USTY has been successful and competitive in offering business programs in various specializations, using both Arabic and English. The faculty went through a major re-structuring exercise under the University Strategic Plan which saw increases in programs offered at both undergraduate and graduate levels. It even launched its doctoral program in business administration in late 2014.

The faculty has gained a robust reputation of academic excellence regionally and internationally. It upgraded its resources to qualify to be a member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). The AACSB affiliation ensures that the business programs of the faculty follow certain standard requirements and are of quality. The AACSB affiliation also ensure that the graduates of the faculty are internationally recognized and  accepted. 



To be the leading faculty in the administrative sciences domestically and regionally


The Faculty of Administrative Sciences strives to provide excellent educational services and furnish students with overall knowledge and skills in the administrative education and research areas to meet the needs of the community and local and regional labor market, contributing to the community development. This is achieved through providing conducive learning and research environment, competent staff, and cutting-edge curriculum while adhering to profession ethics and total quality standards.



1.Provide excellent and competitive educational services to ensure overall knowledge and skills for students in the administrative sciences.

2.Contribute to the development of scientific research in the administrative sciences.

3.Support the university's role towards the community services by providing training and consulting programs in the administrative sciences.

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