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PhD Program in Computing

Last Updated on Saturday, 09 January 2016 12:21


Program Vision

To be a leading doctoral program in computing regionally and internationally

Program Mission

The mission of the doctoral program of computing is to produce high caliber computing scientists with the qualifications comparable to those from leading international universities. It provides the students with the knowledge, skills, and intellectual habits required for successful participation in research, teaching in the computing areas through efficient specialized staff and excellent learning environment. The program is designed according to the comprehensive quality systems, transparency, and the professional ethics to ensure that the graduates are high quality, effective, and innovative computing scholars who can directly contribute to the community development.

Program Goals:


The primary goal of the PhD program in computing is the preparation of computing scholars for academic leadership roles. Graduate will create and disseminate to the public new knowledge gained from disciplined inquiries related to computing.

:Specific goals of the PhD program in computing are to


Produce qualified academicians and scientists in computing with high research and development ability to synthesize knowledge of the theoretical foundation in the areas of computing. 

Enable students to integrate acquired knowledge into a philosophical and intellectual frame with ability to reflect it on research-based information that can be deployed to perform basic and applied research in computing areas.

Foster initiative and potential for independent self-study that will develop the students’ motivation and ability to continue updating their knowledge and skills after completing the study.


Enhance the provision of creative leadership in response to political, social and ethical issues and develop their skills that enable them to communicate effectively both technically and theoretically in various contexts.