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Department of Pediatrics

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 January 2016 09:32

 Welcome to the department of pediatrics

The Department of Pediatrics at the faculty of medical sciences, U.S.T. have the  commitment to  the superiority in teaching pediatrics, improving medical education and to the participation in improving child health as important part of community health.

During the past years, the department of pediatrics at the college of medical sciences, university of science and technology have worked  towards the general goals of the strategic plan of the university by providing an outstanding base of scientific knowledge as well as first-rate clinical training by highly qualified trainers.

Our mission:

To prepare scientifically qualified medical professionals in the field of pediatrics who are able to improve the health of children and adolescents through excellence in patient care, research and teaching, with a commitment to the ethics of the medical profession.

   This task is translated through the adoption of " the community – oriented – problem based " system of medical education according to similar scientific and professional standards similar to that of the corresponding local, regional and international colleges.


Providing the society with highly qualified physicians who are able to cope with various pediatric problems.

Elevating the level of the health  education of the society through field visits.

Participating in solving the health problems in the society through working at different governmental and private health care providing organizations.


Units in the department :

Nursery and premature care Unit  

Cardiovascular disease Unit

Respiratory disease Unit

Nervous system disease Unit s

Digestive Disease Unit

Hematological  diseases and tumors Unit

Endocrine diseases Unit


Members of the department :

Dr. Muna Elnamer ; head of department

Dr. Ahmed Hudna

Dr. Mohammed Al-Shehab 


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