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Information systems

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Department Vision: 


To become a leading information systems department locally and regionally distinct in the field of various information systems.

Department Mission: 

Seeks Department of Information Systems to provide educational service, consulting and training distinct and graduate students distinct scientifically in the areas of information systems different to meet the local labor market and regional levels through the use of capabilities Academy distinct and providing a learning environment and research stimulating in accordance with quality systems and academic accreditation.




Department Goals :


1 - To provide students with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to become specialists in various fields of information systems.
2 - Contributing to provide the local labor market and regional specialized cadres including blocking needs work in this vital area.
3 - dissemination of specialized research with a focus on practical aspects in the field of information systems, which have a direct impact on the development of the community






Admission requirements:


Accepted in the department of public high school graduates scientific section at a rate of at least 65%, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research blindness.





Department programs:


   1-Management Information System(MIS)                2-Electronics Business                                

  3-Accounting Information Systems




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