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Dean's Message

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Dean's Message

Dear friends 

I am privileged to welcome you in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Science, and Technology. This faculty since the establishment has aimed to contribute positively to the service of the community by providing the students with the administrative, economic, and accounting sciences, aiming to produce capable workforces to the labor market with specialized scientific skills and knowledge in the fields of business administration, international commerce, marketing and production management, accounting and finance, and financial and banking sciences, as well as the English program, which offers bachelor's degree in business administration. Thus, the ultimate goal we all seek is to provide a conducive educational ambiance for the students. This is achieved by adopting the basics and sophisticated university curricula coped up with the requirements of the modern era. Based on the foregoing, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences always strives to develop its academic plans and course structures to keep pace with the scientific development in accordance with the well-known international authorities of academic accreditation. The Faculty also strives to fulfill its responsibilities to meet the needs of all parties related to the educational process such as students, staff, and community. In addition, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences has significant contributions to the graduation of post-graduate students (master and PhD). It is still offering the master's degree in business administration (MBA) in collaboration with Open University, Malaysia (OUM). The Faculty is also willing to resume offering master's degree and PhD program in business administration, marketing, and production management very soon.

Once again, I welcome the visitors of the website of the faculty, which highlights the reality and progress of this faculty in the scientific and educational field as one of the institutions involved in the process of construction and development required by the country. As the Dean of the faculty, I would present my special thanks and appreciation to the faculty members and other staff in the faculty for their incessant efforts. I also urge the students in this faculty to work hard and dedicate their efforts to exploit all they have learned to serve their community and country.

With best wishes        



Dr. Murad M. al Nashami


Faculty of Administrative Sciences