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Dean's Message

Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 February 2015 19:18


Dean’s Message


Dear students,

The Faculty of Open Education at the University of Science and Technology was founded to provide education to all students who are interested to seek equal opportunities in education, regardless of any consideration.


The Faculty opens its gates and doors for all Yemeni and non-Yemeni students, regardless of their age, nationality, and gender, overstepping the spatial and temporal barriers. The guidebook of open education and distance learning is now in your hands as it will give you an overview about the open education and distance learning at the University of Science and Technology, and through which you will recognize the part-time academic programs and the distance learning at the University, and the requirements of registration and admission, as well as the degree granted by this type of learning system.


We hope this will help you choose the course or specialization you are willing to study. We will try in this guidebook to answer your questions about the tuition fees, the mode of payment, and the discounts given, providing the academic and administrative services to you, such as the university's textbook which is prepared on the pattern of open education and distance learning, e-learning, and the interactive sessions and office hours of academic supervisors for students in their office in order to answer the questions and concerns of students, helping them overcome their academic problems because the supervisor is the only key person steering the academic and scientific matters for all students.


In addition, this guidebook will lead you to identify the procedures of internal and external transfer, deferment, and the system to move to the next level and other questions you may have in your minds. You can ask any question about any particular case that is not clarified in this guidebook through e-mail so that the employee in charge of the management of incoming e-mails can forward your questions to the concerned department to answer your questions within one week.


In case of emergency, you can call the director of open education and distance learning in the main campus based in Sana'a. This is only for urgent cases. Eventually, I hope that this guidebook will answer all questions of students who are willing to join the open education program.

Thanks and best wishes


Dr. Waheeb Al-Sharabi


Faculty of Open Education