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Dean's Message

Last Updated on Monday, 02 February 2015 18:24

Dean’s Message


Dear students,

It is my pleasure to present you the website of the faculty of engineering, which acts as a liaison between us, strengthening the communication and constructive cooperation between the faculty and its students. The University of Science and Technology has exerted great efforts to offer the modern equipment and devices of sciences and technology whatever the cost is in order to achieve our aspirations and pave the future path for our students.

We extend our hands to you to climb the ladder of glory of our great past with great success and accomplishments. I would like also here to remind you the past of our nation as that we should inspire our abilities, success, creativity and excellence from our past. The success that we achieve today is an expansion of our unique past; the future should be inspired from the past. S, we have to live the past again.

Our ambitions and hopes towards our students are towering the sky. We are an unbroken loop and an extension for each other in making success and accomplishments.

Utilizing the technology provided by the faculty, we urge you to interact with and have the optimal use of which flows into the river of knowledge and increases your solid insistence on the portal of knowledge.


Best wishes


Dr. Mohammed Al-Romaima


Faculty of Engineering